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Facts about Cork

  • Facts About Cork


    Census 1996 2002 2006 2011
    County 293,323 324,767 361,766 399,216
    City 127,187 123,062 119,143 118,912
    Total 420,510 447,829 480,909 518,128
    • Area served - 7,422 square kilometres (including Islands)
    • County Council staff - 2,780
    • County Council annual turnover (capital and revenue) - €459 million in 2011
    Cork County Council - What we Do

    Housing and Building

    County Cork - Demographics

    40% of the population is under 25.

    • The population is growing by 2.5% per annum.
    • The workforce is growing by 5% per annum.
    • 60% of third-level students are studying engineering, science or business.
    • Cork has the highest number of computer science graduates per 100,000 in OECD.
    • Cork has the lowest percentage of over 65s in Europe (11%).
    • Rapid growth in GDP per person has moved Ireland up the EU living standards league table.
    • The unemployment rate fell from a peak of 17% in the 1980s to under 4% in 2001.
    • The labour-force participation rate of women rose from its low initial level to close to the EU average.
    • The high net emigration rate of the 1980s has been replaced by what is now the highest net immigration rate in the EU.
    • In recent years, immigration has accounted for about 50% of growth in the labour force.
    • Cork has attracted a larger share of the economic growth than many areas outside of Dublin.
    • Within County Cork, disparities remain between growth in metropolitan areas and the relative weakness of the economy in North and West Cork, with their high dependence on agriculture.
     Cork - Sustainable Factors
    • Business friendly and efficient operating environment.
    • Excellent quality of life.
    • Extensive educational opportunities.
    • Good access roads/railway/airport.
    • Effective telecommunications, including broadband.
    • Good quality physical infrastructure.
    • High-quality environment.
    • Reliable access to energy.
    • Good links between business and third-level institutions.

    Clusters of similar or inter-related businesses tend to form and consolidate in particular geographical locations, and spatial policy must take account of this.

    Sources of Investment
    • USA - 77%
    • UK - 6%
    • Germany - 5%
    • Switzerland - 3%
    • Others - 9% 

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