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Internet Facilities

  • Internet Facilities

    Each of Cork County Library's branch libraries provide free Internet access to library members. Advance booking is recommended for this service. Contact your local branch library to book time on the Internet, or click on the link below if your local library uses PC Reservation.

                                                      PC Reservation logo

    Internet Use Policy

    * Cork County Library and Arts Service is a division of Cork County Council and in so far as this document makes reference to the term "Cork County Library and Arts Service", that term shall, except where the context indicates otherwise, mean Cork County Council.
    * Each user is responsible for use of this electronic resource in an ethical and lawful manner.
    * Users of the Internet Service, via either Library Internet PCs or WiFI, must hold a current membership, in their own name, of Cork County Library & Arts Service. Users must have their library membership card with them when using the Internet.
    * Users are entitled to one session per day, subject to availability.
    * Users are expected to finish their computer sessions immediately, when their time slot expires or on request by a staff member. Parents / Guardians of children under 18 years and/or vulnerable adults must sign the Parental Permission portion of the  registration card. Where permission is given a parent or guardian must be present and have read and accepted the Internet Use Policy.
    *  Only a person who is over the age of 18 years is qualified to act as a guarantor in authorising a child/ vulnerable adult to use the Public Internet Service
    * Children under the age of 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using the Public Internet service.
    *  Use of the Public Internet service by children/vulnerable adults is the responsibility of their parent/guardian. Cork County Library & Arts Service bears no responsibility for the deliberate or unintentional exposure of children/vulnerable adults to disturbing or inappropriate content or images.
    * All printouts must be paid for. Charges for Black & White pages are 15c per sheet. Colour pages cost 60c per sheet. Charges may increase without notice.
    * Not all information found on the Internet is accurate, complete, up to date or otherwise acceptable to all individuals. Cork County Library & Arts Service is not responsible for the accuracy, quality or content of the information retrieved from the Internet.
    * Cork County Library and Arts Service cannot accept responsibility for any damage, loss, costs or expenses arising from usage of the library Internet service. By accepting this policy, a user of the library Internet service agrees to indemnify Cork County Council in respect of any damage, loss, costs or expenses whatsoever either to the user or any third party that arise from the user's Internet usage, which indemnity includes any legal proceedings whatsoever (including any and all costs thereof) that arise from the user's Internet usage.
    * Users should be aware that as electronic security cannot be guaranteed, the library bears no responsibility for unauthorized access to transactions and communications undertaken by users or any other problems users may encounter with e-mails, banking/credit card transactions, online bookings, shopping etc.
    * Use of removable data storage devices is at users' own risk. Cork County Library and Arts Service is not responsible for loss or corruption of stored data.
    * Users will not access, download or share, or attempt to access, download or share, any material that is likely to be considered unlawful, offensive or pornographic in nature. Any infringements of copyright are the responsibility of the user.
    * Users may not change settings on library owned computers or reboot PCs. If you are having a problem please ask one of the staff for assistance.
    * Users will not install or attempt to install any programs / software on library PCs. Users are not permitted to run any programs / software other than those already installed on the library PCs.
    * Users should immediately inform staff if they notice anything suspicious when using library PCs, e.g. virus detection.
    * Users are reminded that the Internet service may be unavailable for technical or other reasons beyond the control of staff.
    * The library reserves the right of its staff to monitor Internet usage, Internet PCs and any removable devices to ensure compliance with its Internet policy.
    * Failure to use the Internet in accordance with the library's policy may result in withdrawal of service. Library staff have full authority to enforce this policy

Cork County Library & Arts Service, County Library Building, Carrigrohane Road, Cork.
Phone: 021-4546499 - Email