Bridge to MassChallenge Cork Timeline 1

Application process opens on the 20th of November at the following link:


  1. Who can apply?
    This competition is open to start-ups in the Life Sciences, Medical Technology and Digital Health sectors with an ambition to scale to the global market.
  2. How is a start-up defined?
    A start-up is defined as early stage entrepreneurs who generally have not raised in excess of €425,000 in funding or do not have an annual revenue of greater than €850,000.These are guidelines only and exceptions will be considered by a special judging panel.  If your ambition is to scale and make global connections then we encourage you to apply as this programme is for you.
  3. Does ‘no equity taken’ really mean no equity will be sought in the company?
    MassChallenge is a not-for-profit organisation who does not take any equity from participants. Sponsorship from Cork County Council for this competition covers operating costs.
  4. What’s the position in relation to Intellectual Property?
    All Intellectual Property belongs solely to the startup.
  5. Does our company need to be based in Cork?
    No.  This competition is open to all Irish start-ups. This programme will enhance the sector ecosystem in Cork and we hope that through your participation you would see the benefits that could accrue to your business through becoming part of that dynamic ecosystem.
  6. 6. Is there an application fee?

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