Aim: To develop new audiences for the Arts and, through provision of services, encourage active participation in the Arts in all sectors of the community. 


  • Artists in schools Scheme
  • Artist-in-Residence in the Community
  • Music Education Scheme
  • Music, Drama and Dance Programming
  • Voluntary Arts Training Programme
  • Community Based Arts Development
  • Youth Arts Development.

Aim: To place the Library as a centre of Arts and cultural activity in the community by providing a wide range of Arts activities, services, and events within the library environment, accessible by all members of the community.


  • Arts Activities and events in Libraries
  • Supporting Interest Groups: including Children's Book Clubs, Creative writers groups, Reading groups, Painting groups, and  Gramophone circles
  • Exhibition programme.

Aim: To assist and enable artists and Arts and community organisations create, develop, and deliver innovative creative work of outstanding quality for the purposes of:

  • Stimulating public interest in the Arts
  • Promoting knowledge, appreciation, and promotion of the Arts
  • Improving standards in the Arts

Grant Schemes:

  • Arts Grant Scheme.
  • Artist in Residence in Schools Grant.
  • Artist Bursary Scheme.
  • Tyrone Guthrie Centre Bursary.
  • Ballinglen Foundation Bursary

Supporting the creative artist


Aim: To provide and develop measures to support the individual artist and the making of art.

This is done through the following;

  • Bursary Schemes.
  • Residency Projects.
  • Commissioning.
  • Purchase of work.


Aim: To support the development of the audio-visual sector in Cork. Cork County Council, in partnership with Cork City Council, have established Film in Cork to assist with the promotion of film-making opportunities for the Cork Region. Film in Cork has the following objectives:

  • To support and promote the local film making sector
  • To market Cork as a film production location
  • To provide location services and on-call support to film production.


For further information contact Rossa Mullin at 086 3066900 or by email.  

Aim: To support the formulation of Arts Policies by Cork County Council. This is done by:

  • Providing advice to the Council on development issues relating to the Arts
  • Supporting the policy development work of the Arts, Culture, and Languages Strategic Policy Committee (SPC)
  • Carrying out research, as determined by the Council, the Arts, Culture, and Languages SPC, and others
  • Providing reports and other factual data to the Council on the operation of the Council Arts Programme.

Aims: To provide and maintain an Arts information resource for County Cork. We also aim to advise and assist individuals and organisations in relation to the Arts.



  • Publication of Artsnews, a weekly email arts newsletter
  • Distribution of relevant information to interested parties
  • Collate and provide information on artists and arts organisations in County Cork
  • Provide an accessible advisory service on Arts matters.

Aim: to manage and support an ongoing commissioning programme for public spaces in County Cork.


  • Management of Per Cent for Art Commissions on behalf of Council departments and Transport Infrastructure Ireland
  • Advice to community organisations involved in public art projects
  • Provision of information on commissions undertaken by Cork county Council
  • Maintenance of the public art collection.

Aim: To build and conserve a collection of painting, print, photography, sculpture and other media of high artistic quality for the enjoyment of the public, members and staff of Cork County Council.

Ian McDonagh, Arts Officer, Tel: 021-4276891 ext: 6972, email:

Sinead Donnelly, Library Arts Staff Officer, Tel: 021-4276891 ext: 6970, email: