Information Stand on 1916 Commemoration
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The history of County Cork is a rich one, spanning over many centuries and millennia. The county has witnessed some of Ireland’s most important historical events, both ancient and recent.







Celebration and remembrance of these significant events frequently occurs in County Cork. With the Decade of Centenaries focusing on the events of 1912-1922, there are many groups commemorating the pivotal moments which happened here.


The following section provides much information on past, present, and future commemorations within County Cork.


Ireland's Decade of Centenaries
          Ireland's Decade of Centenaries         







The Decade of Centenaries is an opportunity for all members of the community to get involved in commemorating the significant events of the period 1912 to 1922.










Cork County Council, in association with the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural, and Gaeltacht Affairs, and the many voluntary and community groups are working together to commemorate each step Ireland took between 1912 and 1922 in a tolerant, inclusive, and respectful manner.


More than 200 groups were involved over 2016 to mark the 1916 Commemoration through local projects, initiatives, and events. Cork County Council's 1916 Centenary Commemorative Committee also played a tremendous role and this work was recognised on a national level in 2016, with the awarding of the Public Sector’s National Heritage Award to Cork County Council for its promotion of the 2016 Centenary Programme.


The events in 1916 started six years of significant change and upheaval for the island of Ireland, and, when appropriate, Cork County Council and community and Heritage groups will commemorate the key moments in the War of Independence and Civil War.


Further information on Ireland’s Decade of Centenaries is available here.

Added on 15/02/18: Cork's Revolutionary Dead Photographs Online

A new website with photographs of 120 out of the 700 people killed in Cork County during the Irish War of Independence and Civil War has been published online. A companion piece to Cork's Revolutionary Dead written by Barry Keane and published by Mercier Press in July 2017 it includes previously forgotten images of individuals including many of the Auxiliaries klled at the Kilmichael ambush in November 1920. Victims on all sides from Volunteers to innocent civilians through to British soldiers have been rescued from history brought together for the first time. It is hoped to add to the site over time with new and better images of the victims and anyone with information can contact Barry Keane at The website is accessible via –