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Rates - Who is Liable, When is it Payable and How is it Calculated?

Who is Liable to Pay Rates?

The person or company in occupation of a commercial or industrial property at the date of the making of the rate is primarily liable for the entire rate for that year.

In cases where the property is vacant at the date of the making of the rate, the liability lies with the person or company entitled to occupy the property on that date (i.e. the leaseholder or if there is no lease – the owner).

When is Rate Payable?

Commercial Rates are payable in two moieties (halves).  The first moiety falls due for payment as soon as the rate bill issues (usually late February/early March) and the second moiety is payable on 1st of July.

If a ratepayer wishes to pay their rates by instalment during the rating year e.g. weekly, monthly etc. the Collection Office will facilitate an instalment payment plan.

How is a Rate Bill calculated?

The rate bill is calculated by multiplying the Rateable Valuation by the Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV).

•    Rateable Valuation is decided by the Commissioner of Valuation (or on appeal by the Valuation Tribunal, High Court or Supreme Court).
•    Annual Rate on Valuation is set annually by the Elected Members of Cork County Council (i.e. Councillors) at the Budget Meeting.

It is the product of these two elements which determines a rate bill.*

An example of rate payable on a property with Valuation of €10.00:

(a) Rateable Valuation


(b) Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV)


(c) Rates Payable (a) x (b)

€10 x 79.68 = €796.80

*ARV used above is the uniform ARV of Cork County Council in 2023. The ARV applies to all commercial premises across the County, including those located in the former Town Council areas of Clonakilty, Cobh, Fermoy, Kinsale, Macroom, Mallow, Midleton, Skibbereen and Youghal.

Disclaimer: The Information provided above is for guidance purposes only, and is not intended as a definitive legal interpretation of the relevant governing legislation.