COVID 19 Targeted Waiver of Commercial Rates for Quarter 4 of 2021

In recognition of the continued impact that COVID 19 is having on businesses, a further targeted waiver of commercial rates has been put in place by government for quarter 4 of 2021. This waiver scheme has modified criteria and accordingly is a separate, standalone scheme from that which applied for quarters 1, 2, and 3 of 2021.

An application to Cork County Council is not required as Cork County Council has automatically applied the waiver for quarter 4 of 2021 to qualifying businesses, in the form of a credit in lieu of rates.

The value of the waiver is equivalent to 25% of the annual rate bill for 2021.

Please see detailed list of eligible categories of business below or the following link for download: Appendix B.


FAQ’s on the Rate Waiver Scheme Q.4 2021 are available on the following link for download: FAQ.

Contact details-Queries on the scheme may be directed to your Area Collector (contact details on rate bill and rate reminder) or the Rate Collection Office at Tel: (021) 4285252.