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Cork County Development Plan 2014


The Cork County Development Plan 2014 has been prepared in accordance with the steps set out in the Planning and Development Acts.

It was adopted by the Members of Cork County Council on the 8th December 2014 and comes into effect on 15th January 2015. It is expected to remain in force (subject to any interim variations that the Council may make) until late 2020.

It is a six year development plan for the County that attempts to set out, as concisely as possible Cork County Council's current thinking on planning policy looking towards the horizon year of 2022. The plan also sets out the overall planning and sustainable development strategy for the county which must be consistent with the National Spatial Strategy 2002-2020 and the South West Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022.

This Development Plan is the county’s principle strategic planning policy document. Detailed land-use zoning maps for the main settlements of the county are contained in the Electoral Area Local Area Plans and the Special Local Area Plans.

Variations to the Cork County Development Plan 2014

Variation No.1 of the Cork County Development Plan, 2014 was adopted by the Council on the 12th February 2018.   Proposed Variation Number 2 is on public display until 22nd November 2019.  More details in relation to variations of the Cork County Development Plan are available on the following link. 

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