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Main Policy Material

Volume Two

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Heritage and Amenity

Volume Three

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North Cork

Volume Four

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South Cork

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Environmental Reports

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Where We Are Now

A Chief Executive’s Section 12(4) Report on all submissions / observations received during the public consultation has been prepared. This report sets out the Chief Executive’s Response and Recommendation on each valid submission and the text of any Proposed Amendments to the Draft Plan. The Report has been circulated to the Elected Members on 24th September 2021 for their consideration and is available online from Friday 1st October 2021.


See Stage Three below for a full list of documents.

The Chief Executive’s Section 12(4) Report consists of a number of Volumes as follows:

Volume One Part One: Key Issues, Responses and Recommendations

Volume One Part Two: CE Response and Recommendations to Submissions. This consists of four parts a) to d).

Volume Two Part One: Proposed Amendments to Draft CDP Volumes One and Two.

Volume Two Part Two: Proposed Amendments to Volume Three North Cork.

Volume Two Part Three: Proposed Amendments to Volume Four South Cork.

Volume Two Part Four: Proposed Amendments to Volume Five West Cork.

Volume Three Part One: Updated Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

Volume Three Part Two: Updated Joint Housing Strategy/Housing Need

Demand Assessment, (Available later).

Section 12(4) Chief Executive’s Report Volume Three Part Three:

Draft Joint Retail Strategy, (Available later).


Where Can I View the Draft Plan?

The Draft Plan documents are available to view in our Virtual Public Consultation Room below and can be downloaded above.


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Next Steps:

Following consideration of the Chief Executive’s Report, the Elected Member may amend the Draft Plan. Material amendments to the Draft Plan will be put on public display on 18th January 2022, and you will be invited to make submissions/observations on these amendments. The Timeline for County Cork Development Plan Review Process is included in FAQ above which sets out the plan making process and the stage we are at now.