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Where We Are Now

Cork County Council has commenced the preparation of a new County Development Plan for the period 2022-2028 in accordance with the steps set out in the Planning and Development Acts. The purpose of the Development Plan is to guide the future development of the county. 

The new plan will be different from previous County Development Plans in two key areas:

Cork County Council has now published a Section 11(4) Chief Executive’s Report dated 28th August 2020 summarising the submissions received during the Pre-Draft Public Consultation Period (Thursday the 12th March until Thursday 2nd July, 2020 inclusive, now closed), setting out the Chief Executive’s Opinions and Recommendations to be included in the Draft County Development Plan.   This report is now available under Stage One below.

Next Steps

The Elected Members will now consider the Section 11(4) Chief Executive’s Report until Friday 6th November 2020.
The Draft County Development Plan will then be prepared and made available for public consultation in April 2021 (at which stage further submissions can be made).


Pre Draft Plan stage involving preparation of public consultation document background documents and initial public consultation.