Marine Life June 7th 2019 Field trip & event at Charles Fort Kinsale

2.00pm      Register and welcome on the shore below Charles Fort, Kinsale, Co Cork
2.20pm      Fieldwork around low tide:

Group 1: Intertidal seaweeds with Dr Robert Wilkes EPA 
Group 2: Snorkelling around the seagrass bed led by Tim Butter, Seasearch instructor 

4.00pm      Coffee and welcome by OPW in Charles Fort tearooms 

4.20pm    Field trip highlights and any issue feed back 
4.30pm Session 1: Seaweed and Seagrass  Zostera - Seaweed and seagrass stocks, importance, health and law - Dr Robert Wilkes EPA; 
- Citizen Science Coastwatch survey and follow up  – Karin Dubsky & Angel Duarte 
- Bantry Bay and Adrigole harbour seagrass Coastwatch and Kelp group  
Q and A 
5.20 pm Session 2: Priority Areas Of Action 
5.20 pm  Priority Action Areas - Kieran Murphy LAWPRO
5.30 pm Citizen Science Project in Adrigole Harbour Priority Area  -  Bernie Connolly CEF 
5.40 pm Sargassum removal trial  Karin Dubsky and  Donna Weiner
5.50 pm Launch of Seagrass report and Adrigole Harbour Project 
6.00 End 

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