The Gallery Art Space with social distancing markings on the floor and work displayed on the walls.

The Owenabue Arts Weekend runs from October 2nd to 4th at the Gallery, Main Street, Carrigaline. Further details can be found at

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A limited number of additional artists are to join the Owenabue Arts Collective in ‘The Gallery’ in Carrigaline, for the duration of its upcoming Arts Weekend event at the beginning of October. ‘The Gallery’ is a temporary pop-up exhibition space, supported by Cork County Council.

The ‘Owenabue Arts Weekend’ show will open to the public in the first exhibition of its kind in Carrigaline. Along with three founding members of the Owenabue Arts Collective; Keith O’Brien, Mary Murphy and Stephen Murphy, five other local artists will have their work on display over the next few weeks.

Meet the Artists

Mary Murphy

Mary is one of the founding members of the Owenabue Arts Collective. Mary’s love affair with art started at a young age and she describes her art as a ‘Diary of her life’.

Keith O’Brien

Keith, another founding member of the colletive, specialises in landscape art, working across a range of mediums.

Stephen Murphy

The third founding member of the collective, and husband to Mary, Stephen’s art reflects his passions, with his art usually focused around motorbikes and iconic characters

Deirdre Cichosz        

Deirdre Cichosz views herself as a life-long artist, forever exploring the creative process. She currently finds her truest form of expression through oil painting.

Gillian Coughlan

Gillian describes art as an ever-learning process, and that is incredible for mindfulness. She continues to study and evolve her art and is looking forward to learning

Jane McCarthy

Jane is a designer that takes inspiration from nature and patterns to create her pieces

Hilary Nunan

Hilary Nunan is a graduate of the Crawford College of Art and Design. Her work is informed by colour, texture and a love of nature. She has nurtured the use of mixed materials in her work, primarily rich textured natural fibres combined with acrylic colour. There is a constant marriage between her environment, the rural and seascape setting of Ringabella, Co. Cork, and her medium which convey its overall organic quality.  Hilary has exhibited both nationally and internationally contributing to exhibitions in the UK, USA, Australia, France and Germany. Her work now forms part of many public and private collections.

Anastasia Stepnova

Originally from Russia, Anastasia has called Ireland home since 2013. Anastasia works with silver and enjoys exploring new techniques and challenging herself with new designs. She believes that making art and sharing it with others is one of the best things in life

Dorothée Roberts

Dorothée Roberts, originally from France, now lives in Carrigaline with her husband and two daughters. She is a well-established artist, accomplished in a large number of mediums, equally comfortable using oils, acrylics and watercolours. By using vibrant colours, she aims to create a resonance in the viewer of her art, by using vibrant colours, spontaneity and texture created by the medium. She also wishes to convey an atmosphere, memory, or a charm by her paintings.

Teresa O’Regan

Teresa is a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting for three decades. She began her artistic career in 1983 after the birth of her third child and paints, to borrow Heaney's phrase 'to set the darkness echoing'.

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