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Embracing the Autumn

Back in October, Bibi Baskin, wellness advocate and former TV presenter met with Cork County Council Librarian Rachel Burke and library user Jim Murphy to explore all the library service has to offer.

There is no time like the present for taking on a new interest or re-discovering an old one. Cork County Council’s Library Services has a range of materials on different interests to help you to stay creative and active in the Winter months.

Being Winter Ready

Are you Winter Ready? As part of our County Cork Age Friendly Programme, we recently caught up with Inspector Ian O’Callaghan of An Garda Síochána, Eleanor Moore of HSE Ireland and Mark Sinclair of Cork County Fire Service, in conversation with Bibi Baskin, wellness advocate and former TV presenter, for some practical advice on preparing for the Winter months and staying safe.

Fiona Kennedy - The Beach

We can help to #KeepWell and stay positive by being creative. Enjoying life’s simple pleasures – the outdoors, going for a walk, listening to music – can improve your mood.

The song, ‘The Beach’ written by Cork Singer Songwriter Fiona Kennedy and introduced here by Wellness advocate and former TV presenter Bibi Baskin, was recorded by Cork County Council recently at VE studio Cork to mark positive ageing week.

Through our Healthy Ireland Action Teen Talk, this initiative has now been converted to run online.  A series of 8 interviews relating to Health & Wellbeing, but particularly Mental Wellbeing are now available on Cork County Council. These talks have evolved to target not just Teens but adults of all ages. 

Teen Talk with Jennifer Barry

Teen Talk with Pat Divilly

Teen Talk with Elaine Crowley

Teen Talk with Grace O'Rourke

Teen Talk with Graham McCormack

Teen Talk with Jacqueline Jefferies

Teen Talk with Gerry Hussey



Collection of images of various places and people during Community Response Covid19

Without a doubt we are living through an extraordinary chapter of history. For the benefit of future generations, Cork County Council’s Library & Arts Service is on a mission to document the lived experiences of people across County Cork during this global COVID 19 pandemic, through a ‘Collection of local stories from Covid-19 for Future Generations’.

The Council’s Library Service is gathering stories, photos, posters, health notices and other materials relating to the pandemic in order to compile a social history archive. The local history library is collating the reflections of Cork County Council staff and inviting submissions from individuals, community groups, schools and library users.

More information on the initiative will be available on www.corkcoco.ie or follow Cork County Council @Corkcoco on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Stress Control LogoStress is a normal reaction to the rapidly changing and uncertain times we are all living in at the moment. If you are feeling a bit more stressed than usual and would like to learn some great ways, free-of-charge, to deal with common problems like anxiety, depression, panicky feelings, poor sleep and poor wellbeing then come along to our classes.

‘Stress Control’ is a six-session cognitive-behavioural therapy class used extensively in community-settings by the NHS (UK) and HSE (Ireland) and across the world. You can find out more on YouTube.

As you can’t come to a regular Stress Control class due to the current circumstances, Stress Control will come to you by live streaming two sessions a week on YouTube. Each session will repeat four times starting on Monday 11th May - for dates and times please see the dates timetable on the website. The sessions will be led by Dr Jim White, consultant clinical psychologist, who created the class and who has taught most of the NHS (UK) and HSE (Ireland) trainers who would normally be running classes in their communities. Stress Control on-line already ran over 3 weeks in April and an average audience of 6,000 attended each session. Stress is a very common problem.

To take part:

  1. Go to the Stress Control website where you can learn more about the class and get the dates. Everything you need to successfully complete the class – the booklets, self-assessment, relaxation and mindfulness tracks - can be found in the ‘Free zone’ (scroll down on the home page to find). If you can, please read, and start working on, the ‘Preparing for the course’ booklets before Session 1. These can be found in the ‘Booklets’ section of the ‘Free zone’


  1. Click on the ‘Stress Control 2020’ link on the homepage to access our YouTube channel where the classes will be available to view at the scheduled times. If you click the ‘Subscribe’ button on our YouTube page (free), you will receive notifications when a new session is available. To watch our trailer please go to YouTube


  1. You do not need to register or login – please just follow the above link.


  1. The session will begin exactly on time, so make sure you are there from the start. Sessions run for about 90 minutes and there will be a 10-minute break in the middle. Due to copyright restrictions, sessions will only live stream so they will not remain on YouTube.


  1. Each session is one piece of the jigsaw in tackling your stress. By coming to each class, the jigsaw will form, the big picture can emerge, and you will learn how to handle your stress better. This is cognitive-behavioural therapy so it is crucial you practice the skills you will learn between sessions.

Life is very hard for us just now and there are no easy solutions or magic cures, but, with hard work and determination, we can boost our resilience to cope with these difficult times and come out the other end stronger. Please pass this on to anyone who you think might benefit from the class.

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A revised list of Available Mental Health Supports in Cork and Kerry will be posted here soon.