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An instrument can be ordered by placing a request at your local branch/mobile library.
Have you longed to learn a musical instrument but didn’t want to commit to the purchase of an expensive instrument in case it didn’t suit you?

‘A Sound Initiative’ is a program intended to allow people to test their skills on a particular instrument before investing a significant amount of money on an instrument of their own.







How it works
An instrument can be ordered by placing a request at your local branch.
The collection will be available to borrowers only via the Cork County Library branch network and instruments borrowed from a branch must be returned to that branch.
Instruments may be borrowed for up to 3 weeks and may be renewed if no-one else has placed a request for it.
Donations of musical instruments are greatly appreciated.

Instruments available

  • A selection of violins, including several ½ size, ¼ size and 1/16 size
  • A selection of guitars, including several ¾ scale and several electric guitars
  • A selection of Casio and Yamaha keyboards
  • Adult and child-sized piano accordions
  • A drum practice pad
  • A mandolin
  • A bodhrán
  • Ukuleles
  • Banjos

Please contact us on (021) 4546499, or at if you have a musical instrument that you’d be happy to donate to the library.

To see the Cork County Library Musical Instrument policy and for information on the policy in relation to the care of instruments, please see the FAQs section of the website and the Policies and Byelaws section. Check:

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