Fri, 08/01/2021 - 13:20
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Changes to Cork County Council Services under Level 5. Cork County Council. County Hall.

With the introduction of additional public health guidelines to minimise the spread of Covid 19, Cork County Council will continue to provide essential services and deal with emergencies, however public offices will be accessible on an appointment basis only.

More than 120 Council services can also be accessed online at , while queries will continue to be taken by telephone on Tel: 021 4276891, by post and by email.  General information on Cork County Council services and a full list of contact details can be found at 

Motor Tax Office

Cork Motor Tax Office is open for appointments only on 021-4544566.  The online service will continue to operate, as will the postal service, Motor Tax Postal, Model Business Park, Model Farm Road, Cork.  Queries will also continue to be taken by email at



Cork County Council’s Planning Department will continue to accept and validate files. The full suite of services are available by appointment and or by email, post and phone. Online services are available on, including the facility to submit a planning query.


Cork County Council will continue to provide Homeless, Traveller and HAP services and will also continue to accept applications and make allocations. Other housing services such as maintenance, RAS/Leasing and call out response for anti-social behaviour will be available in emergency situations only.

Housing Maintenance Services

Tel: 021-4285302    9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday
Tel: 021-4800048    Evenings and weekends only

Social Operations

  • Homeless Services
  • Travellers
  • General Queries

​Members of the public can contact the following numbers 

Phone Numbers
Tel: 022-30411 North Cork Homeless
Tel: 021-4285174 South Cork Homeless
Tel: 023-8833328 West Cork Homeless
Tel: 021-4285114 Travellers
Tel: 022-30468  / 022-30458 Processing / CBL
Tel: 021-4285368 General Allocation/Application/Transfer Queries – South Cork
Tel: 023-8833328 General Allocation/Application/Transfer Queries – West Cork
Tel: 022-21123 General Allocation/Application/Transfer Queries – North Cork

Rent Queries

Tenants with general queries regarding rent can ring either:

  • Tel: 023-883328 or the Area Officers number contained in the annual rent statement.

Housing Assistance Payment (HAP):

Private Grants: 

Purchasing Options (including Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan):

Approved Housing Body (AHB)/Leasing Unit:


Emergency Callouts with regard to road maintenance will be facilitated, while the Road’s Winter Maintenance programme will continue together with the emptying of bins as well as essential public lighting repairs and traffic lights.

Civic Amenity Sites

The Council’s Civic Amenity Sites and Bring Sites will continue to operate.


Library buildings are currently closed, however, there is a wide range of FREE online library services accessible to all members via the Council’s website.

Swimming Pools

All Council managed tourist facilities, museums and swimming pool facilities are currently closed.


Playgrounds, Multi-Use Games Areas and Public Toilets remain open.


In addition to Cork County Council’s regular service offerings, the Covid-19 Community Support Programme continues to be available to assist those in need with non-medical, non-health related issues. FREEPHONE: 1800 805 819 daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm, text: 085 8709010 or email if you or anyone you know requires assistance, whether that is collecting medication, food shopping or social support and contact.