Cork County Council Launch Advisory Series on Care of Historic Monuments

Members of Cork County Council and Historic Monuments Advisory Committee displaying new information leaflets.

Cork County Council has launched a series of resources offering advice on how to care for historic monuments, ruins and headstones.  The advisory series on best practice in caring for Cork County’s rich heritage was developed by the Council’s Historic Monuments Advisory Committee (HMAC).

Available in video or leaflet format, the guides include advice on ‘Care of Historic Ruins’ and ‘Care and Cleaning of Historic Headstones’.

‘Care of Historic Ruins’ provides step by step guidance on how to conserve and maintain old ruins such as churches, castles or farm buildings in accordance with good conservation practice. 

Old graveyards are full of historic headstones which are hand carved and often in need of cleaning. The guide on ‘Care and Cleaning of Historic Headstones’ provides practical information on how best to clean these important heritage artefacts. 

Welcoming the new heritage guides, Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Danny Collins noted,

These leaflets and videos are an excellent way of communicating the right approach to caring for our archaeological monuments. They will be of benefit to any community group who wish to care for and carryout heritage projects in Cork County. I am delighted to be part of the Historic Monuments Advisory Committee and look forward to continuing to promote an appreciation of Cork’s Archaeological and Built Heritage.

Speaking at the launch, Chair of Cork County Council’s Historic Monuments Advisory Committee, Cllr Kevin Murphy said

I am delighted to launch these leaflets that provide invaluable information for community groups and heritage enthusiasts throughout the county on how best to care for historic ruins and headstones. Tremendous credit is due to the committee members and staff of the Councils Planning Directorate for their involvement.

The recently launched guides are the latest additions to the HMAC advisory series, which also includes ‘Care of Historic Walls’ and ‘Care of Historic Graveyards’.

Leaflets are also available at Cork County Hall, at your local library or by emailing Videos are available on Cork County Council’s YouTube channel.