Fri, 15/02/2019 - 09:43
Service Design Conference Devisional Manager James Fogarty

Cork County Council launches Ireland’s first public service design centre Service rePublic and its updated council website

Cork County Council, in collaboration with Cork Institute of Technology, has established Ireland’s first public service design centre based in County Hall, Cork.  The centre, called Service rePublic, will create better services by engaging with users and identifying what matters to them.
Speaking at the launch, Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Séamus McGrath noted the opportunities available to the people of Cork County to be a part of, and have their say in, the future of Council services, “Service rePublic will engage with citizens, users, elected members, communities, businesses, public and private stakeholders enabling them to be a part of the design, and creation of, better services.  Service rePublic is a transformation of customer services.  It will fundamentally change how services are delivered by placing a more innovative focus on those who use these services and on how outcomes can be delivered as efficiently as possible.”
Cork County Council has led this initiative together with the active support and engagement of Cork Institute of Technology.  Both organisations face similar challenges in terms of improving access to services and increasing satisfaction levels among users.  Speaking of the collaboration, Ms. Orla Flynn, Vice President for External Affairs CIT commented, “CIT are delighted to partner with Cork County Council on this open, collaborative and vibrant approach to delivering user-centred services in both organisations. By developing our collective expertise in Service Design, we are cultivating skills, ideas and knowledge and building a community of service designers in Cork”.
Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey also spoke of the prospects that Service rePublic offers and the very meaningful changes it would mean to Council customers and staff, “Service rePublic will streamline services for our citizens by improving access to information and incorporating services to our online portal,  It will enable the Council to better understand their needs.”
Mr. Lucey went on to say, “This is a first in Ireland.  Service rePublic will produce a fundamental change in how our services will be delivered.  I am confident that these changes will improve our service offerings. I look forward to showcasing the benefits that will have been realised in Cork at an international conference that we will be hosting here in September 2017.


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