Thu, 07/10/2021 - 09:11

Notice of Proposed Order
Extinguishing a Public Right of Way
Roads Act 1993

Notice is hereby given that Cork County Council in pursuance of Section 73 of the Roads Act 1993 proposes to make an order, ordering that the public right of way described in the Schedule hereto shall be extinguished.


Description of Public Right of Way

Proposed Extinguishment of Public Right of Way over section of Road No LS-5362-0, Carrigcleena More, Bweeng, Mallow, Co.Cork.

Length of public right-of-way to be extinguished – 260 linear metres.

A copy of the map indicating the public right-of-way and particulars relating to the proposed extinguishment of the Public Right of Way have been deposited at the offices of Cork County Council, Annabella, Mallow, Co. Cork and may be inspected there during normal office hours from Thursday 7th October 2021 to Monday 8th November 2021.

Please see the following link for a map of the Proposed Extinguishment of Public Right of Way.

Any objection to, or representation regarding the said Order should be made in writing to the Administrative Officer, Roads (Finance & Administration), Cork County Council, The Courthouse, Skibbereen on or before Wednesday 24th November 2021.

The Act provides that if there is an objection to, or representation made regarding the Order and the objections or representations are not withdrawn, the persons making such objections or representation may request in writing, to state their case at an Oral Hearing conducted by a person appointed by the local Authority for that purpose.

7th October 2021.    

Director of Services,
Roads & Transportation


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