Tue, 05/11/2019 - 14:56
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Carrigaline Heron Roundabout

Cork County Council continues to advance planning and infrastructure developments in 2 of Cork’s largest towns, Midleton and Carrigaline to deliver much need housing for these areas and stimulate economic growth throughout County Cork. The Council’s efforts and supports will enable the delivery of 3,700 homes as well as supporting amenities as part of the Government’s Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan.

Cork County Council has completed important enabling roads’ infrastructure in Carrigaline which has facilitated housing delivery on the ground and has secured the necessary planning consents and is currently preparing detailed designs for the necessary enabling infrastructure development in Midleton.

Midleton was one of 23 major urban areas Nationwide identified in 2017 to support the delivery of 30,000 new homes in a bid to relieve the housing crisis. As a Major Urban Housing and Delivery Site (MUHDS), Cork County Council has put plans in place to enable Midleton to support approximately 2,500 residential units. A site of 160 hectares at Water Rock, to the West of the Town and in close proximity to the rail line, has been zoned for mixed use development. This zoning will facilitate the development of residential units along with three schools, a community centre and parks.

Funding has been recommended for the first phase of this proposal, which includes a link road, road improvements and a storm water sewer. This infrastructure will provide for future growth on the site which is projected to deliver 520 housing units by 2021 and have the capacity to support a further 500 units from 2021 onwards.

Carrigaline was also identified as a site to support urban expansion and further delivery of housing. Shannonpark, at the northern approach to the town, will be developed to deliver up to 1,200 residential units. Due to its location, proposals can move quickly with comparatively small infrastructure investments. 129 units have already been delivered with 22 more currently under construction. Permission has been granted for 300 units so far. It is estimated that a total of 400 units will be delivered by 2021 with an estimated 800 units to be delivered up to 2029.

Chief Executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey announced:

“Urban and metropolitan development has significant impact in terms of housing provision and economic growth for the Cork region. Developing infrastructure to support housing delivery stimulates the local economy and job creation. A large proportion of our workforce call Carrigaline and Midleton home and developing these towns will continue to attract investment in the future.”

Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr. Christopher O’Sullivan said of the developments:

“The progression of plans in Carrigaline and Midleton will make a difference for the whole region, enhancing existing communities and creating new ones. These developments will allow the communities and businesses of South and East Cork to thrive long into the future”