Fri, 08/02/2019 - 12:41

Cork County Council closed part of Oliver Plunkett, Bandon Street on December 10th 2018 because of concerns that the condition of privately owned buildings presented a serious risk to public safety.  The road closure was a very important action that prevented falling debris from injuring people on the street or travelling past in vehicles when part of the building subsequently collapsed onto the road.

Since the incident on December 11th, when part of the buildings at Oliver Plunkett Street collapsed, the Council has worked with the property owners who are responsible for the buildings to ensure the area is safe and so that public access to roads and footpaths can be restored as early as possible.  

The properties affected by the collapsed section of wall are in private ownership but the Council is committed to bringing about an early solution so that the road can be re-opened to traffic and pedestrians.  Until this is achieved, the Council must ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place to protect the public from rubble and falling debris.

The complexity of the situation has meant that the Council has invoked its statutory powers to ensure that it is safe to reopen the road as soon as possible.  This involved serving notice upon the owners of the properties at Oliver Plunkett Street to require them to demolish and make safe the dangerous buildings.

Cork County Council has had to extend the current period of closure of public road to 11th March and it may be necessary to extend this period further.  The speed at which the Council will be able to reopen the road will be very much determined by the level of co-operation and action of the owners of the properties who are primarily responsible for ensuring the demolition and safety of the properties.  The risk that the damaged buildings pose to public safety must be addressed before a full or partial opening of the road is considered.  The situation is under constant review and any steps necessary to protect the public or progress the demolition will be prioritised as a matter of course.  

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