Thu, 17/06/2021 - 12:10
‘Saga’ Anchor unveiled by County Mayor

Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr. Mary Linehan Foley has unveiled the latest addition to Cork County’s maritime heritage attractions, a 126-year-old anchor from the Swedish ship ‘Saga’ at Ballybrannigan Beach.

The Saga drifted ashore and was wrecked at Ballyshane near Ballybrannigan Beach in East Cork in 1895. With nobody on board, nor any statement ever issued, the fate of the ship and her crew was an unresolved mystery until Patricia O’Connell, who recovered the anchor, undertook further research in 2019.

With the help of local historians and records obtained in Stockholm and the Oskarshamn Maritime Museum in Sweden, Patricia solved the 124-year-old mystery. Over a two week period while travelling from Sweden to South America, the ‘Saga’ was hit by a series of storms that led to the loss of its rudder and the crew abandoning ship.

Patricia has donated the anchor to Cork County Council, who have installed it with an information board detailing the full story of the Saga and its crew.

At the unveiling, Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr. Mary Linehan Foley said;

“The coastline of Cork County is a great source of recreation, tourism, commerce and heritage, thanks to this donation from Patricia and her incredible work to uncover its story, this amenity has been greatly enhanced. This anchor is a testament to her work, the importance of local historians, and to the maritime history that connects us with the wider world. I would encourage everyone who visits East Cork this summer to visit the anchor and learn more about this fascinating story and a ship that has inspired wonder for over a hundred years”.