Wed, 07/11/2018 - 09:08

Statement from Cork County Council in relation to Carrigtwohill School Campus Project
Cork County Council wishes to advise that recent media coverage in relation to comments attributing delays associated with the Carrigtwohill School Campus project to the Council are wholly misleading and inaccurate.
In an article published by the Echo dated June 5th 2019, comments from a spokesperson for O’Mahony Pike Consultants state that their team members met with the Council, that the second application initially met all requirements and was accepted and then the planners added a new requirement. The spokesperson went on to say “The team are very upset; they have obviously put a lot of work into this project and want to get moving on it.” “They are trying to sort it out and get the project back on the road as soon as possible.”
Cork County Council would like to correct this inaccuracy and confirm that, as O’Mahony Pike Consultants failed to submit an Environmental Impact Assessment Report with the application, the Council’s Planning Authority had no discretion but to deem the application invalid under the statutory provisions of the Planning & Development Act 2000, as amended, and the Planning & Development Regulations 2001, as amended.
Detailed correspondence dated 29th May 2019 issued by the Cork County Council’s Planning Department to O’Mahony Pike, acting on behalf of the Minister for Education, advised of these statutory provisions under which the Planning Application was invalidated.
Rather than setting out the fact that the Planning Application prepared by O’Mahony Pike Consultants failed to comply this requirement, their comments had the effect of attributing blame to Cork County Council.
Cork County Council has written to both the Secretary General of the Department of Education and to O’Mahony Pike Consultants advising them of this inaccuracy and misrepresentation