Thu, 03/10/2019 - 12:42
Weather warning

Cork is currently subject to a Met Eireann Status Yellow - Wind warning. Southeasterly winds will reach mean speeds 50 to 65km/h with gusts 90 to 100km/h resulting in some disruptive impacts. This warning is valid from Thursday 03 October 2019 09:00 to Friday 04 October 2019 06:00. Following the meeting of the Severe Weather Assessment Team this morning, Cork County Council’s Crisis Management Team convened again today at midday in response to this weather warning. Cork County Council expect the main impacts from Storm Lorenzo to include disruptions caused by fallen trees from high winds and surface flooding resulting from heavy rain on saturated soils combined with falling leaves blocking drains and gullies.

In coastal areas Storm Lorenzo will produce significant swells, high waves and the ongoing threat of storm surges. A high tide advisory and a storm surge is expected Thursday evening from 7.00pm onwards with a risk for high onshore wave activity. Anyone living near coastal, cliff and waterway areas are asked to be extra cautious considering the forecasted winds.

Cork County Council response crews and contractors remain on standby. Cork County Council continues to ask all road users to be aware of the danger posed by high winds. Driving conditions will be hazardous and all motorists need to take care and be conscious of cyclists and pedestrians.

Motorists are advised to report issues such as fallen trees and road damage to their local Council office during working hours or to call the emergency number (021) 4800048. The strong winds may give rise to localised power outages.

In the event of disruption to power supply, please contact ESB Networks at 1850 372999. In the event of disruption to water supply, please contact Irish Water at 1850 278278. Cork County Council will continue to monitor this situation.

Updates will be provided on Cork County Council’s website and also on our social media channels @Corkcoco