High Tide Advisory - 23rd March 2023

A period of surge on top of very high astronomical Spring Tides that are approaching Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT) in all coastal areas will continue on Thursday 23rd March.  It is expected that HAT levels will be exceeded in many areas around the coast during this period. The peak combined tide and surge levels on Friday 24th March will remain high but are currently expected to be below the peaks experienced or anticipated today and on Thursday. It is too soon to accurately forecast the storm surge conditions that will occur after Friday 24th March. 

Property owners are advised to take precautions in areas susceptible to flooding.

Storm surge levels are predicted to significantly increase in the following coastal areas from today as follows ( Note: > symbol denotes greater than):

0.5m at Dundalk Bay 

0.45m at Drogheda

0.45m at Dublin Bay

0.40m at Wicklow Bay 

0.40m at Arklow Bay

0.40m at Wexford Bay

0.45m at Suir Estuary / Waterford

0.30m at Cork Harbour 

0.30m at Bantry Bay

0.35m at Dingle Bay 

0.40m at Shannon Estuary

0.45m at Galway Bay 

0.40m at Roundstone

0.40m at Clew Bay 

0.40m at Killala

0.40m at Sligo 

0.40m at Donegal

0.40m at Lough Swilly