COVID 19 – Service Update - Commercial Rates (Bilingual)

Cork County Council recognises that these are exceptional economic times for many businesses due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Government has announced that Local Authorities may defer commercial rates payments due from the most immediately impacted businesses, those primarily in the hospitality, leisure, childcare sectors and retails sectors, for three months, until the end of May.

If your business has temporarily closed or significantly curtailed operations during this period you can contact County Council’s Rate Collection Office to discuss options and arrangements.

Cork County Council will continue to engage with Tenants, Borrowers and Ratepayers (Bilingual)

Cork County Council is sending out a clear message of support to individuals and businesses impacted by the COVID 19 outbreak, in respect of payment of housing rents, housing loans and commercial rates. Council staff have been responding to many calls and queries with regard to payments in recent days and would like to reassure concerned members of the public that the staff and services are in place to react promptly as the situation develops.