Works Continue on Mallow Bridge

To facilitate the installation of new traffic lights and ESB ducting in the eastern side of the carriageway, it will be necessary to close the north bound lane on Mallow Bridge during the school mid-term break from 26th October to 4th November. The Contractor will resource these works to ensure their completion & the reopening of the bridge to two-way traffic before schools reopen on 4th November.  It is necessary to carry out these works by day for engineering, programming and safety reasons.

Jellyfish Warning

Beach users are advised of the possibility of the presence of Portuguese Man O’ War jellyfish at some of Cork’s beaches. These jellyfish have been spotted on local beaches. The public are advised that the jellyfish can be present on the shore & in the water. These jellyfish can inflict severe stings. Therefore contact should be avoided.

First aid treatment for jellyfish stings is as follows:

1. Ensure you don't get stung yourself when aiding others.

Dursey Island Cable Car is Open

Dursey Cable Car has been inspected and is back in operation.

Dursey cable car was re-opened shortly after 13.00 today following inspection of the cableway by a Council Engineer & Fitters today. There were no concerns regarding the condition or operation of the installation as a result of Strom Lorenzo following today’s inspection, hence the decision to re-open the cable car to the public.