The Cork County Development Plan 2014 has been prepared in accordance with the steps set out in the Planning and Development Acts.


It was adopted by the Members of Cork County Council on the 8th December 2014 and came into effect on 15th January 2015. It is expected to remain in force (subject to any interim variations that the Council may make) until late 2020.


It is a six year development plan for the County that attempts to set out, as concisely as possible Cork County Council's current thinking on planning policy looking towards the horizon year of 2022. The plan also sets out the overall planning and sustainable development strategy for the county which must be consistent with the National Spatial Strategy 2002-2020 and the South West Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022.


This Development Plan is the county’s principle strategic planning policy document. Detailed land-use zoning maps for the main settlements of the county are contained in the Electoral Area Local Area Plans and the Special Local Area Plans.


Corporate 2019 to 2024 Plan Cover Cork County Council’s Corporate Plan 2019-2024 was recently passed by Council.  This unique and reactive document contains the aims and actions which will inform and guide the Council’s activities over this time.

The Council’s Corporate Plan outlines the core values, vision and aspirations of Cork County Council as well as defining the Council’s significant role in directing policy and development. To produce this plan, Cork County Council has engaged in an innovative service design approach, which puts user needs at the centre of the service.  Service design uses visual modelling to define future visions and align people on shared goals.

This approach involved extensive and unprecedented engagement across a range of stakeholders, including elected representatives, staff and citizens and numerous others.

Over 30 workshops were held throughout the county in 2019, together with public interviews across the Council’s branch libraries and dedicated business sector workshops.  Education institutions UCC and CIT, disability groups, the Older Persons Council and Comhairle na nÓg were amongst those consulted, while the Public Participation Network and staff from across Cork County Council were also asked for their input.  Following a public awareness campaign, 138 submissions were received by the Council.

The volume of engagement and the variety of inputs were key points of inclusion in the research which underpins the Corporate Plan.  The plan will form a key reference point for the Council’s Annual Budgets and Capital Work Programmes, while providing a foundation for Annual Service Delivery Plans, ensuring a continued focus on delivering the plans ambitious objectives.

Previous Plans

Corporate Plan 2015-2019

The purpose of the Annual Service Plan is to provide a corporate document that sets out the objectives for service delivery and the performance standards to be achieved this year.

High level objectives for each service area have been identified and, together with the desired performance standard, have been included in the Plan. They have been formulated with regard to the Corporate Strategic Objectives agreed in the Cork County Council Corporate Plan 2019-2024.

This Plan provides a clear focus to enable the Elected Members and staff of Cork County Council to work together to develop and improve the services that we offer to you, the customer.

The first Local Economic and Community Plan is being developed for County Cork setting out high level goals, objectives and actions needed to promote and support economic development and local and community development over the next six years and into the future.

The Plan will inform community and local development resource allocation, and inform other planning processes to foster increased co-operation among Cork County Council, public bodies, and private sector partners.

The LECP is prepared, implemented and monitored by the Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs). It is mainly concerned with the Community aspect of the Plan, while also deciding how best to co-operate with the Economic elements of the Plan.


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Cork 2050 is a joint submission by Cork County Council and Cork City Council to the National Planning Framework. It is a whole of Cork proposition presenting an evidence-based strategy for maximising the unique capacity of Cork to complement Dublin. Cork 2050 also positions Cork as a driver of growth internationally on behalf of the State and will deliver balanced regional growth through collaborative leadership.

Cork 2050 Executive Summary

Cork 2050 Main Report

Cork County Council is driving change and putting citizens and communities in the centre of how services and policies are delivered.

Our new Corporate Plan 2019 – 2024 presents us with the opportunity to build a new Council, empowering our citizens and staff and building on well established local networks and relationships. A digital strategy facilitates and accelerates the transformation of County Cork through its citizens and communities.

This Digital Strategy 2020 - 2022 describes how Cork County Council will position itself to ensure that people can easily and effectively access our information and services, work with us to improve these services and to drive innovation and transformation across the county.