Date/Time: Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th September 2018
Event: Charleville Annual Festival of History 
Location: Charleville, Co. Cork 
Additional Information: The theme of the weekend will be ‘The Legacy of Roger Boyle’ who was the founder of Charleville in 1661. It will consist of lectures on the life of the Richard Boyle, the father of Lord Broghill (Roger), and Broghill’s life itself, his building of Charleville town and Charleville Manor and the destruction of the latter by the Duke of Berwick during the Williamite War in 1690. The programme will also include a cultural aspect with poetry and writer’s seminars in association with the local poetry circle and writer’s groups, traditional Irish music performance in association with Charleville’s Craobh An Rath Comhaltas branch, theatre production and art exhibition, as well as children’ s involvement from many diverse groups of nationalities who have made Charleville their home. Support by Cork County Council through the Creative Ireland Programme it promises to be a great weekend and further information on same will be provided here shortly.

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