Project ACT Webinar Serving Customers Safely at Food Markets and via Food Trucks

Many businesses are preparing contingency plans regarding how they can return to a food market and safely operate and serve customers at the market or via a food truck. This webinar will offer businesses a comprehensive checklist and a wide range of procedures ranging from the examination and modification of existing procedures, to the development of new processes, ensuring all aspects of the business are covered; from goods inwards, storage, production in confined spaces, to sale and distribution, to return safely and operate at a food market or from a food truck.

Project ACT Webinar Attracting Visitors to your Town post-Covid Lockdown

Revitalising a town and attracting domestic tourism will be at the forefront of every community's plan coming into the months ahead.

Shops and business, and community groups and leaders, will benefit from this two hour webinar from Fuller Marketing on capitalising on the opportunities the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown

Please note that on booking you are agreeing to share your email + telephone no. With the mentor so we can facilitate this webinar