Tue, 16/07/2019 - 11:32
All the winners from Northern Division outside Annabella with their Certificates

Three award ceremonies were held this morning to honour the prizewinning villages of the 2019 Cork County Council Anti-Litter League.

The ceremonies took place this morning before the Divisional Committee Meetings in County Hall, Clonakilty, and Mallow. Representatives from community groups were presented with certificates by the Chairs of the Divisional Committees.

Awards were presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in categories A and B, with an additional prize going for ‘Most Improved’ village. The 1st and 2nd place of Category B are promoted to Category A. 1st place in Category A in each division progress to the ‘County Final’ of the villages competition. The winner will be announced at the Annual Awards Ceremony in September, alongside the winner of the Towns Competition.

Cork County Council’s Anti-Litter Challenge is Ireland’s oldest Local Authority sponsored anti-litter competition. By focusing solely on litter, and not conferring advantages to areas of natural beauty or architectural importance, it gives communities who may struggle in Tidy Towns competitions the opportunity to compete on an even footing.

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr. Christopher O’Sullivan said

“Performance by villages in this year’s Anti-Litter challenge has been exceptional, with some villages achieving perfect scores, meaning no single bit of litter – not even a cigarette butt – was observed by the judges. I’m immensely proud of the community groups and villages involved. The dedication, attention and care shown to villages throughout Cork deserves to be commended.”

Additional Notes:

Marking Scheme:
Villages start each judging period with 100 points – maximum points available in the competition: 300

•    Points from each judging period will be added together to give the final total
•    1 point is deducted for each piece of litter
•    0.1 point is deducted for each cigarette butt, i.e. 10 cigarette butts = 1 point deducted
•    Judges will walk through the streets and drive through the housing estates
•    Maximum 2 Housing estates will be judged per visit
•    Streets will constitute 90% of the points, housing estates 10%, i.e. 5% for each estate
•    If a village has only 1 housing estate then that estate will constitute 10% of the points
•    If a village has no housing estates then streets will constitute 100% of the points

Please see League Table attached for overall scores.

North Division

Category A
1st: Coolagown
2nd: Kildorrery
3rd: Meelin
Most Improved: Shanballymore
Category B
1st: Araglin
2nd: Knocknagree
3rd: Kilcorney
Most Improved: Cullen

South Division

Category A
1st: Berrings
2nd: Cúil Aodha
3rd: Ré na nDoirí
Most Improved: Dripsey Model Village
Category B
1st: Saleen
2nd: Ballincurrig
3rd: Upper Glanmire
Most Improved: Killeagh

West Division

Category A
1st: Kilmacsimon Quay
2nd: Drinagh
3rd: Durrus
Most Improved: Kilmacsimon Quay
Category B
1st: Ahiohill
2nd: Drimoleague
3rd: Ring
Most Improved: Glengarriff

Prize money:

Category A
1st: €1,000
2nd: €750
3rd: €500
Most Improved: €250
Category B
1st: €750
2nd: €500
3rd: €250
Most Improved: €200

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