Wed, 02/06/2021 - 10:48
Mayor, Chief Executive and rep from Older People's Council in Bantry

Consider, Assist, Respect and Empathise.  Four key words the Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Mary Linehan Foley is asking everyone to remember as towns and villages reopen.

The Covid 19 pandemic has been particularly difficult for many older members of the Cork County community.  Launched last year as part of Cork County Council’s Project ACT (activating county towns), CARE asks for the following guidelines to be observed;

  • Consider older and vulnerable people’s needs as they re-join our communities after restricting their movements.
  • Assist older and vulnerable people by respecting age-friendly parking spaces and accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities in our towns, villages and shopping centres.
  • Respect physical distancing for older and vulnerable people and give them space on our streets, parks and walkways.
  • Empathise with older and vulnerable people and understand that they may feel especially anxious at this time. 

Mayor Linehan Foley highlighted how while the vaccination programme is well underway it is important to think about the principles of CARE and let it serve as a friendly reminder to continue practice social distancing, hand sanitising and mask wearing in public.

“Many of our older friends and family have experienced a very trying year and its wonderful to see positivity and confidence return to such a valued cohort of our society.  Please take a moment and think CARE so that together we may all enjoy an outdoor Summer across our beautiful county.”

The CARE guidelines were drafted in collaboration with the Cork County Older People’s Council to promote consideration for more vulnerable people during the crisis. The Cork County Older People’s Council is a representative group of older people from across the county whose role is to represent the “voice of the older person”, and guide the Council in its policies, operations and service delivery.

Liz Maddox, Chair of the Cork County Older People’s Council spoke of the importance of all members of society adopting a CARE approach,

“We ask as a team that you welcome our older people back out into their communities.  Let's make it a joyful experience for them through this difficult time. THINK CARE.” 

Commenting on CARE, Chief Executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey noted how Project ACT 2021 continues to put support for the older population at the centre of Cork County Council’s roll-out plans,

“When activating our county towns and villages let us all be conscious of those who will use them. Together we rallied to support older people since the start of this crisis, lets continue in that spirit and embrace the CARE guidelines as we look forward to a return to normal activity in the weeks and months ahead.”