Fri, 04/06/2021 - 13:24

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Mary Linehan Foley has today welcomed an allocation of €1,879,650 from the Department of Transport under the Climate Adaptation and Resilience Works 2021. This allocation provides funding for 70 projects, covering flood mitigation and drainage works, adaptations to reduce damage to roads caused by severe weather and enhancing coastal protections.

Commenting on the allocation, Mayor Linehan Foley said “The changing global climate presents many challenges locally, which have had an adverse impact on Cork County’s inland and coastal roads. It is encouraging for residents to see support from the department for Cork County Council’s local adaptation measures which will be vital for connectivity and safety for our communities.”

Chief Executive Tim Lucey went on to say, “The Climate Adaptation and Resilience Works 2021 allocation to Cork County Council is welcomed and will significantly contribute to the work of the Council in developing and maintaining vital infrastructure for communities throughout Cork County. The Council will continue to engage with the Department of Transport on other schemes proposed to ensure the safety of our communities and resilience of our roads network.”

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