Shared Accommodation Pledged via the Irish Red Cross for Ukrainian Refugees

Cork County Council has been tasked by central government to assess offers of shared accommodation pledged via the Irish Red Cross for Ukrainian Refugees.

We have been provided with a list of pledged, shared accommodation in County Cork and we are now working to validate this list and match available, suitable accommodation with Ukrainian beneficiaries.

This validation process involves 3 key stages:

  1. Determining the availability of shared pledged accommodation - since accommodation was initially pledged, the individual circumstances of property owners may have changed, or they may have already been matched with Ukrainian refugees through other agencies.
  2. Assessing the suitability of shared pledged accommodation– not all pledged accommodation will be suitable for the needs of all Ukrainian refugees. For example, some accommodation may not be suitable for children or for people with disabilities. In other cases, locations may be too remote and require the use of a car.
  3. Matching suitable shared accommodation with Ukrainian beneficiaries - we will be working in partnership with the International Organisation for Immigration IOM - a United Nations affiliated organisation, to match Ukrainian refugees with accommodation in locations that are best suited to their needs.

Beginning on Friday, July 22nd 2022, Cork County Council will begin contacting people who pledged shared accommodation via the Irish Red Cross. Initially, this will be by email to confirm that the offers of accommodation are still available. We will begin by contacting property owners who have not had any contact from any other agency or organisation to date.

Following on from this, our staff will be phoning property owners to verify details relating to the available pledged accommodation. Once the accommodation is deemed suitable, we will work under the guidance of IOM to place Ukrainian refugees in properties that are best suited to their needs and to the offers of accommodation available.

Cork County Council appreciates the ongoing support and patience of accommodation pledgers and the wider community as we work through this unprecedented task. Further information for host communities and householders is available at: Host Supports - the open community.

If you have any specific queries relating to the current placement process, you can email: