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12 Irish start-ups advance to boot camp in Boston as part of international Life Sciences, Med Tech and Digital Health Competition

12 Irish Entrepreneurs advance to a once-in-a-lifetime intensive boot camp in Boston, thanks to Cork County Council’s ground-breaking start-up programme with Boston based MassChallenge, (Bridge to MassChallenge Cork)

Ireland’s top twelve entrepreneurs in the Life Sciences, Medical Technology and Digital Health areas have been announced at the closing ceremony of phase two of Bridge to MassChallenge Cork, the Cork Boot Camp. These ambitious businesspeople, who arrived in the Rebel County on Monday for a three-day intensive boot camp, have prevailed by setting themselves apart from the masses and are now set to accelerate to the next round of the international competition—a week-long all expenses paid boot camp in Boston in April 2018. From this, the top two companies will be selected to go forward to second round judging for one of MassChallenge’s international accelerators.
Through the leadership of Cork County Council and MassChallenge’s dedication to supporting the growth of the ecosystem in Cork, they saw the talent in the cohort and increased the number of startups selected to visit Boston to twelve from the originally stated ten.
Over fifty Irish start-ups applied to the competition, twenty were shortlisted to take part in a three-day intensive boot camp in Cork and now the following 12 successful start-ups will advance to the next stage:

  1. Alcass Health Solutions - a provider of innovative devices and software in the area of Preventative and Rehabilitative Medicine.
  2. BioBind provide a disruptive, low-cost, customisable technology that empowers biology researchers to see what they need to see inside & outside the body.
  3. CroiValve - a transcatheter device which will improve patients’ lives and save money by reducing hospitalisations
  4. CortechsConnect - high-quality mobile games that use cognitive therapies, brainwave assessments and prescriptive digital solutions (games) to improve attention.
  5. Gasgon Medical - Risk from air embolism is difficult and expensive to manage, Gasgon Medical’s solution will disrupt by improving on tools that are currently available.
  6. Hidramed Solutions Ltd. – Proof Of Concept for a wound care system for people living with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) and other chronic wounds which makes the users’ wound care regime easier, quicker and less painful.
  7. Marion Surgical - Through VR and world class haptic/sensory technology, Marion Surgical simulators enable surgeons to learn, collaborate, practice and share procedures in a realistic, safe, cloud hosted environment. 
  8. - facilitates the free flow of data in a secure way across participating providers. It is medical data platform putting patients and workers at the heart of the health care system.
  9. myAccessHub - provides intensive support to businesses across all sectors to increase their accessibility particularly for people with Autism.
  10. Nasal Medical - develops anatomically designed nasal medical devices to assist better breathing.
  11. Remedy Biologics Ltd - Remedy Biologic's founders believe in tailoring treatment for every patient with directly addressing the challenges of personalised, cell-based, autologous anti-tumour therapy through technology innovation and cell manufacturing automation in colon cancer.  .
  12. ViClarity - a Governance, Risk, Compliance solution that enables Financial Services and Healthcare organizations to Identify, Monitor, Score and Report on risk and compliance.

Bridge to MassChallenge Cork was brought to Ireland by Cork County Council and MassChallenge  and is endorsed by Enterprise Ireland and Health Innovation Hub Ireland. This ground-breaking partnership with MassChallenge TM, a global network of zero  equity start-up accelerators based in Boston, Massachusetts, is the first ever Bridge to MassChallenge partnership in Ireland.
To date, MassChallenge has accelerated 1,495 start-ups worldwide, which together have raised $3 billion USD in funding, generated $2 billion USD in revenue and created over 80,000 total jobs in several locations across the world, including Boston, Massachusetts (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), Lausanne (Switzerland), London (United Kingdom), Jerusalem (Middle East) and more recently Austin, Texas (USA).
Applications for Bridge to MassChallenge Cork opened on Monday 20th November 2017 and were evaluated by a panel of MassChallenge experts who selected twenty ambitious start-ups in the Life Sciences, Medical Technology and/or Digital Health Sector. These start-ups displayed plans to scale up and connect internationally and were then given the opportunity to participate in a three-day Cork boot camp this week.
The boot camp held at Cork County Hall enlightened, tested and inspired the twenty chosen applicants as they fought to secure a spot in the top twelve. Each day of the Cork Camp was defined by a specific theme, with Day One dealing with Start-Up Infrastructure, Day Two examining Business & Marketing Resources and Day Three revolving around the Pitch Competition.
Mentoring from industry experts also featured prominently throughout the entire event, two mentors of note included Brittany McDonough of MassChallenge and Laura Hamilton of RxCelerate who are both Manhattan-bound this Friday to receive awards from the oldest American newspaper in the USA (established in 1928) The Irish Echo, as being two of the Top 40 under 40, this prestigious award is sponsored by Tourism Ireland and The Irish Business Organization of New York Inc. 
The Bridge to MassChallenge Cork boot camp concluded with an intensive competition to determine the top twelve start-ups to emerge from the boot camp. These twelve will now advance to a one-week all expenses paid intensive boot camp in Boston, in April 2018. From this, the top two companies will be selected to go forward to second round judging for one of MassChallenge’s international accelerators.
The week-long Boston boot camp will comprise of:

  • Tailored training and workshops
  • One-on-one mentorship from top international experts
  • Networking opportunities
  • Unique access to the cities’ business ecosystems

Though the Cork boot camp was tough, judging was tougher, however Tim Lucey, Chief Executive of Cork County Council is sure America is set to see ‘the best of the best’ from Ireland:

“It’s wonderful to see the strides made by already impressive Irish companies during the second stage of Cork County Council’s alliance with MassChallenge this week. I am sure that this week has been rewarding as well as challenging for all of the start-ups involved. Despite the fact only twelve could accelerate to the next level, I am positive this is not the last we will see of the top twenty Irish applicants. Bridge to MassChallenge Cork has also unearthed fifty-four high-calibre companies with whom we will continue to work with.  The Cork boot camp has been a rare and profitable experience for the twenty chosen candidates taking part in the boot camp and I sincerely hope that each participant learned and prospers as a result of their involvement, regardless of whether or not they have made it through to the next stage.”
He added: “I would like to wish the top twelve companies representing Ireland in Boston the best of luck, and to assure them of Cork County Council’s support of and pride in our homegrown entrepreneurs.”

For further information see .  To follow the progress of these 20 lucky start-ups and to join the conversation online follow Bridge to MassChallenge Cork on Facebook\b2mcCork, Twitter @b2mcCork or LinkedIn. #B2MCCork