Tue, 06/11/2018 - 13:02
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Map of Bandon streetscape plan

The Bandon Transport and Public Realm Enhancement Plan (TPREP) has been shortlisted for both the Community Benefit project of the Year category and for the Excellence in Planning Award while the Ballybrack Valley Mangala Pedestrian and Cycle route has also been shortlisted under the Community Benefit Project of the Year at the KPMG Property Excellence Awards 2018. 

Bandon TREP involved a set of long-term strategic transport interventions to relieve town centre congestion and allow investment in key streets and spaces within Bandon town centre. The plan has a strong historical narrative and delivers streets for people within the historic centre.  Bandon has 54 protected structures and 6 Architectural Conservation Areas.

The timeline for the implementation of Bandon TREP is being co-ordinated with Flood Relief Works and waste water network upgrades in the town centre so as to minimise disruption to traders.

Developed by Cork County Council, the Ballybrack Valley Mangala Pedestrian and Cycle route provides a safe off road link through the scenic Mangala Valley from Donnybrook and Maryborough into Douglas Village.  The route promotes walking and cycling through a beautiful natural valley improving health and fitness.  The route also encourages alternative modes of transport, enabling safe access to schools.  The route is also well lit and features CCTV.

In congratulating all involved in both projects, Chief Executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey, praised the professionalism of staff as well as the level of community engagement,

“Here we have projects that will bring about real benefits for the communities they serve, a wonderful new amenity in Douglas and a new beginning for Bandon as we progress the scheme to construction over next number of years.”  

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