Tue, 04/12/2018 - 16:00
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Councillors & historic monuments conservation committee at launch

Chair of the Historic Monuments Advisory Committee and deputising for the County Mayor, Cllr Kevin Murphy today launched four Heritage Guide leaflets. Produced by the Historic Monuments Advisory Committee (HMAC) of Cork County Council these leaflets aim to assist the public and community groups in how to take care of local heritage in an informed way and in accordance with best practice.

Cllr Murphy spoke of the growing public interest in the county’s heritage and the desire of local groups and societies to become involved in its promotion and conservation. The leaflets are designed to inform the general public and interested groups regarding best conservation practice and complying with relevant legislation in regard to these four important areas of heritage management; the care and maintenance of;

  • historic graveyards,
  • historic ironwork,
  • stone walls and
  • archaeological monuments.

The Historic Monuments Advisory Committee considers the productions of these leaflets as an important part of its remit to create interest in and promote awareness of our physical heritage.

Cllr Murphy emphasised that a key objective of HMAC is the continued development of programmes and actions that enhances an understanding and appreciation of heritage. It also has an advisory role in relation to community initiatives. There is a notable increase in actions by community groups in relation to their local heritage. This often involves interacting with spaces and buildings of archaeological and architectural value. In this way they are contributing to improving the character of the local area and also encourage visitors to explore their place. These leaflets are designed to assist in these endeavours and are the first in a series with more to follow.

At a practical level, HMAC want to encourage local groups in undertaking such works but also to ensure that the correct approach is taken in terms of best practice from a conservation point of view. Local groups need to be aware of the legislative framework that governs such works. For this reason, as well as the production of these leaflets, a priority action by the Committee is the development and provision of an annual advisory seminar to be delivered to community groups in each of the three Council divisions.

The leaflets will be available in all County Libraries and various County Council offices with public access. They are also available on-line in the publications section of the Council’s heritage website – For further information please contact: Cork County Council Archaeologist Mary Sleeman on 0214285935 or by email to

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Collection of four new heritage guides on best practice in heritage care