Notice is hereby given that Cork County Council proposes to carry out the following development: 

Glanmire Road Improvements and Sustainable Transport Works

The project area includes Glanmire, Riverstown and Sallybrook areas to the northeast of Cork City extending from the Tivoli roundabout on the junction between the N8 and the R639 to the Brook Inn junction between the R639 and the L2973. 

In the Townlands of:  Dunkettle, Glanmire, Ballinglanna, Poulacurry South, Poulacurry North, Ballincrossig, Riverstown, Lota More.

Nature and extent of proposed development: 
The proposed development comprises a total of 16 no. infrastructural projects:

Project No. 1 Church Hill Junction, incorporates a right turn lane from R639 to Church Hill including improved pedestrian/cycling facilities and increased junction capacity; 

Project No. 2 Banning Right Turn at Dunkettle Slip Road, prohibits the right turn from the L2999 Dunkettle Road to the M8 Merge Slip; 

Project No. 3 Improvements to Glanmire Bridge/Village, incorporates a raised carriageway surface to reduce speeds, formalizes parking and improves road safety;

Project No. 4 Riverstown Cross Junction, increases junction capacity with improved pedestrian/cycling facilities and connection to John O’Callaghan Park;

Project No. 5 Signalised Junction Glanmire Road/Hazelwood Road, new signalised junction increasing overall capacity with improved pedestrian/cycling facilities; 

Project No. 6 Signalised Junction Riverstown Road / East Cliff Road, new signalised junction with improved pedestrian/cycling facilities; 

Project No. 7 Minor Improvements to Riverstown Bridge, existing uncontrolled shuttle system and pedestrian bridge maintained with improved road markings and surfacing; 

Project No. 8 New Link Road (L3010 to Hazelwood Road), new link road from Riverstown Road to Hazelwood Road connecting to the new signalised junction; 

Project No. 9 L2999 Upgrade of Dunkettle Road, upgrade of L2999 Dunkettle Road with improved pedestrian/cycling facilities;

Project No. 10 Flaring at Tivoli Roundabout, increased junction capacity on the R639 Southbound approach with improved pedestrian/cycling facilities; 

Project No. 12 R615/R639 Junction, prohibiting the left turn from the R639 to the R615 and providing a right turn lane to R615 from the R639; 

Project No. 13 Brook Inn Junction, formalising the junction between the R639 and the L96391-0 to improve road safety; 
Project No. 14 Footway Improvements Fernwood to Riverstown, improves pedestrian provision from Fernwood to Riverstown including formalized crossing locations; 

Project No. 15 Glanmire & Riverstown Greenway (Riverstown to Coláiste an Phiarsigh), the incorporation of a new greenway to promote active travel in the area whilst connecting various locations via a greenway; 

Project No. 16 New Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge adjacent to Glanmire Bridge, provides a new pedestrian and cycling bridge north of the existing vehicular Glanmire Bridge; 

Project No. 20 East Cliff Road Pinch Point, improves the alignment of the road at this location with an increased footway to improve pedestrian facilities.

The infrastructure projects include the carrying out of works to Protected Structures.

Plans and particulars of the proposed development are available for inspection and/or purchase at a fee of €15 per set from 4th May 2018 up to and including 15th June 2018 as follows:

  • Planning Counter, Ground Floor, County Hall, Cork between the hours of 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on each working day;
  • Cork County Council Area Engineer’s Office, Ballinglanna, Co. Cork between the hours of 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on each working day;
  • Glanmire Public Library, 7A Hazelwood Centre, Riverstown, Glanmire, Co. Cork between the hours of 10.00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday to Saturdays inclusive.
  • Plans and particulars are also available for inspection and to print as follows:
  • Cork County Council’s website  

Submissions and observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development will be situated, may be made in writing on or before Friday 29th June 2018 as follows:

  1. Online on the Council’s website at  or
  2. In writing and clearly marked “Part 8 – Glanmire Road Improvements and Sustainable Transport Works”  to; Ross Palmer, A/Senior Planner, Housing Infrastructure Implementation Team, Cork County Council, County Hall, Floor 3,   Cork,  Post Code T12 R2NC.