The Council was represented by Chief Executive, Mr Tim Lucey, and Director of Corporate Services, Mr Niall Healy.

The Council representatives outlined in detail the position adopted by Cork County Council with respect to the Mackinnon report and the proposed boundary alteration process. The Chief Executive informed the Group that the elected members of Cork County Council are not accepting of the Mackinnon report, and are not in agreement with its boundary alteration proposals. He advised that, as a result, he was not in a position to engage in deliberations on any boundary proposal submitted by representatives of Cork City Council that accords with the Mackinnon report.

Cork County Council engaged with the Group today on a “without prejudice” basis. It demonstrated its commitment to a boundary review process by presenting the Group with a copy of the boundary proposal document which it prepared in early August. It confirmed that the members of Cork County Council took a decision on 4th September to proceed to submit this proposal on a formal, statutory basis, to Cork City Council under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1991. This move will empower citizens, businesses and communities to become involved and have their say over the coming weeks.

Cork County Council will continue to engage with the Group on the development of an outline implementation plan. Both Cork County Council and Cork City Council exchanged views and advices with the Group in relation to how such a process could best be managed.