Sun, 17/03/2019 - 12:00

Cork County Council wishes to extend its deepest sympathies to the wife and family of Mr. Bill Gainer whose drive and charm made him instrumental in establishing economic, cultural and friendship links between Cork, Chicago and Cook County.

 Mr. Gainer was Chairperson of the Cook County side of a partnership between Cork County and Cook County  since its establishment in 1999.  In the years since the initial Sister County Agreement was signed, the enhanced commercial and cultural links have provided enormous dividends for Cork, largely due to Bill’s dedication and energy.

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Patrick Gerard Murphy, today paid tribute to the recently deceased Chicago native “We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to Bills wife Gerry, their six children, Bill, Bridget, Nora, Maureen, Mary, and Shelia, their grandchildren and extended family. Bill worked tirelessly to foster and cultivate connections between Cook County and Cork County. These connections are extremely important and beneficial and we are both grateful, and honoured, to have had such a relationship with Bill.”

Mr. Tim Lucey, Chief Executive of Cork County Council also noted

“On a personal note, I wish to record and acknowledge Bills unwavering contribution to society. His loss will be deeply felt by his family, his community and his many friends in Cork County Council.”

Mr. Ger Power, Chairperson of the Cork County / Cook County Partnership and former employee of Cork County Council, also paid tribute. “Bill Gainer has been a great friend to Cork and a wonderful personal friend to many in the Cork County / Cook County Partnership. Bill’s passing is leaving a huge void for many of us. He was a wonderful friend and over the 20 years of the Partnership he was devoted to helping any company or individual from Cork who needed assistance in Chicago. He loved coming to Cork and spent many memorable times here.
Our deepest sympathies go out to his devoted wife Gerry and family”