Significant pavement rehabilitation works are due to commence on Tuesday the 7th of August on the Dual Carriageway section of the N71 near the Viaduct  Road users will notice the deployment of traffic management equipment consisting of steel and concrete barriers to temporarily redirect traffic while the works are being carried out. 

Both directions of traffic flow will be routed onto one side of the dual carriageway by means of a contra-flow traffic management system which will maintain one lane of traffic in both directions at all times. This will allow works to be undertaken on the opposite carriageway within the confines of a traffic management arrangement that enables construction works while also facilitating the flow of traffic through the site. All of the works will be undertaken in consultation with An Gardai Siochana and Cork County Council. 

A temporary speed limit reduction will be in place on the route for the duration of the contract which reduces the speed limit throughout the works area to 60kph. 

The works are planned to be completed in September of this year. It is possible that road users will be delayed throughout the works duration, however Egis Lagan Services will endeavour in their management of the project to reduce these delays to a minimum while also achieving a finished product that is of major long term benefit to all of the routes stakeholders. 

At each end of the dual carriageway it will be necessary to block off some of the existing crossing points to prevent right turns within the traffic management setup. Access across the carriageway in this case should be made by continuing to the next safe turning area, outside of the works site, and returning in the opposite direction. Safe turning routes will be indicated while the works are ongoing. 

When works are taking place on the northbound carriageway access and egress to the properties along this side will be maintained by marshalling vehicles through the works site. The access points will be clearly marked, and personnel will be in attendance to aid people in getting to their properties. 
Variable Message Signs and other notices will be posted at the works locations and on its approaches to warn traffic using the route of planned works and current works being undertaken as the scheme progresses. 

A 24 hour emergency number will be in operation on 0818 715 100.