3 for 3 as Reuse Republic Continues to Inspire in Cork

ReUse Republic returned to Cork County Hall in Cork for its 3rd annual celebration of reuse, upcycling and eco-friendly business initiatives from across Cork County. Building on the success of previous years, this year’s event brought even more guests, a record number of businesses, and celebrity chef, food writer, blogger and photographer Lilly Higgins.
30 exhibitors from across the reuse sector showcased their products to a record number of visitors as well as shared ideas about sustainable living. Throughout the day the craftspeople of The Front Porch Macroom and Sue Gifford Design recreated beautiful pieces of old furniture while a series of talks and demonstrations were given on a range of topics including the reuse of paint, eliminating household waste and single use plastics.

The highlight of the event was a demonstration in the foyer by celebrity chef Lilly Higgins who shared tips and tricks on how saving money, eating well and reducing waste with some helpful recipes and shopping tips.

Throughout the day, guests contributed clothes for what proved to be a very popular swap shop, allowing participants to get rid of unwanted clothing without letting it go to waste.  Those that contributed also had the opportunity to take other preloved clothes, cutting out the need for fast fashion.

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Christopher O’Sullivan noted that

“Reuse is such a crucial issue at the moment. The Reuse Republic Exhibition is a hugely important initiative for Cork County Council.  It shows how to live more sustainably by connecting with the phenomenal businesses from Cork that are leading the way in this area. As a society we need to look at how we can live more sustainably.  The ReUse exhibitors showed how we can incorporate reuse into our daily lives, whether that be sharing or swapping pre loved clothes, upcycling a piece of vintage furniture, or being creative with leftovers from yesterday’s dinner.”

Tim Lucey, Chief Executive of Cork County Council, went on to say,

“Events such as ReUse Republic are a great way of creating connections on the issues of waste reduction, upcycling and reuse, while also finding practical ways of introducing more reuse ideas to our homes.”

Click the following link to download Lilly’s Tips and Tricks.

It’s not in our nature, is it in yours?

Not only does fly-tipping make our beautiful landscapes look not so beautiful, it can also cause harm to our environment and nature. Stop the dumping and report littering offences to 021 4285417. @DCCAE @MyWasteIreland #NotInOurNature #AntiDumping #waste #nature #environment #domesticwaste  #communities

It’s not in our nature, is it in yours? 

Sometimes people don’t realise that what they are doing is littering.  These little cigarette butts are such an eye sore in our towns and countryside and are harmful to our environment.  Results from the National Litter Pollution Monitoring System indicate that cigarette related litter was 54.4% of litter composition across the country in 2018.  Report littering offences to 021 4285417. @DCCAE @MyWasteIreland #NotInOurNature #AntiDumping #waste #nature #environment #domesticwaste  #communities

It’s not in our nature, is it in yours?

Littering at bring banks can be as simple as leaving one bottle beside the bins.  Please always use the bins appropriately and report full bins and littering offences to 021 4285417.  To find your nearest Bring Bank see mywaste.ie@DCCAE @MyWasteIreland #NotInOurNature #AntiDumping #waste #nature #environment #domesticwaste  #communities

Householders are required by law to use a permitted waste collector or use a permitted facility to dispose of their waste?  Many bogus waste collectors are not complying with the law and much of the waste they collect ends up in our beautiful countryside.  Please make sure you use a permitted collector and report any bogus waste collectors to Cork County Councils Anti-Litter Unit on 021 4285417

#AntiDumping #domesticwaste  #communities 


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