Restoration work on roof of a protected structure.
Heritage and Conservation
23 Nov 2023

Funding Available for the Protection of County Cork’s Heritage

Cork County Council is inviting owners and custodians to apply for funding to safeguard protected structures and archaeological monuments in County Cork. Three funding streams have been announced for 2024, including the Community Monuments Fund, the Built Heritage Investment Scheme, and the Historic Structures Fund. 

A picture of 5 swords leaning against a table
Heritage and Conservation
08 Aug 2023

National Heritage Week 12th – 20th August 2023

This year’s theme invites you to explore the traditions and practices, knowledge and skills passed down through generations.  National Heritage Week 2023 in County Cork will see over 130 events right throughout the county, surpassing the number of events held in the county during 2022.   

A group of people in suits holding books
Heritage and Conservation
25 Apr 2023

Mapping Fermoy’s Rich Heritage

Cork County Council has launched a Historic Town Map of Fermoy. The informative illustrated map highlights key heritage sites and buildings in the town, offering a self-guided user-friendly informative tour of Fermoy.

A crowd of people sitting down
Heritage and Conservation
16 Mar 2023

Cork County Council Announces Commemorations and Heritage Grant Schemes 2023

Cork County Council has announced the opening of the County Cork Commemorations Grant Scheme and the County Cork Heritage Grant Scheme for 2023. These schemes seek to recognise the heritage of the county, the numerous groups who actively engage with their local heritage, and those dedicated to commemorating the centenary of the War of Independence and Civil War.