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Action Plan for Jobs

South West Action Plan for Jobs

The Government’s 2015 Action Plan for Jobs includes a commitment to develop and publish a suite of regional Action Plans to support enterprise growth and job creation, in addition to capitalising on the strengths and opportunities of each region.

The South West Action Plan for Jobs, (with 261 collaborative actions) launched in July 2015, aims to deliver 40,000 extra jobs in the counties of Cork and Kerry by 2020. Key targets in service of this overall goal are to achieve an increase of 40-50% in the number of start-ups in the region; a 20% increase in employment in exporting companies which will be delivered by increasing in the number of IDA investments in the region by 30-40% to 2019; and an increase of 33% in tourist numbers and 40% increase in overseas revenue from the sector.

Sectors targeted as part of the plan include: agri-food, international financial and global business services, tourism, manufacturing, and ICT, including high-potential emerging sectors like multimedia/content and the green economy, energy, and marine.

Since the Plan was launched, focus has moved to putting in place a comprehensive implementation structure. A Regional Implementation Committee has been established, chaired by Mr Bob Savage, General Manager, EMEA Centres of Excellence for Dell EMC. The Committee is composed of key stakeholders in the region who work in concert with Enterprise Champions - nominated senior private sector representatives - to oversee and monitor progress. The first Progress Report on the implementation of the Plan, covering the period to end-June 2016, was completed and published in Q4 2016.

For further information, please contact Alma Murnane, Programme Manager, South West Action Plan for Jobs.

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Action Plan For Jobs