End of Life Vehicles

Regulations introduced since 1st January 2007 in relation to End-of-Life-Vehicles place obligations on producers (manufacturers/importers), dismantlers/vehicle scrap facilities and car owners to ensure vehicles are de-polluted and dismantled in a manner that doesn’t pose a threat to our environment or to human health.

Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles (DGVW 3,500 kgs or less) which are intended to be destroyed must be deposited at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).   Vehicles are to be taken free of charge by the ATF and they will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction that will confirm that your vehicle is being de-polluted and dismantled in an environmentally safe manner.  The ATF will then notify the Vehicle Registration Unit of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in Shannon, Co. Clare and the destruction of your vehicle will be noted in the records of the National Vehicle File.  The only document you need to give the ATF is the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) or the Registration (Log) Book for the vehicle being disposed.

You should only deal with a properly permitted ATF when getting rid of your old vehicle as these are the only ones that can issue Certificates of Destruction. (details of ATF’s in Cork are as follows)

Click the following link for Authorised Treatment Facilities In Cork as at January 2020 (pdf).


For vehicles which are not subject to the requirements of the Waste Management (End of Life) Regulations 2006 i.e. vehicles DGVW over 3,500kgs) you should send notice of the scrappage/destruction of the vehicle to:

  • Vehicle Registration Unit, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shannon, Co. Clare together  with the Registration/Licensing Certificate for the vehicle.   The vehicle will be recorded as scrapped on the National Vehicle File.  (Post 1993 Registered vehicles)
  • The Motor Tax Office together with the Registration (Log) Books.  The vehicle will be recorded as scrapped on the National Vehicle File. (Pre 1993 Registered Vehicles)