Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) North, South and West

The Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) were set up as part of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 in each Local Authority area. The aim of LCDCs is to enhance the strategic planning and coordination of local and community development activity. LCDCs comprise public and private sector members, including Local Authority members and officials, state agencies, and private sector local and community development representatives.


The key functions of the LCDCs are as follows:

  • Prepare the community elements of a 6 year Local Economic & Community Plan (LECP) (pdf)
  • Implement, or arrange to implement, the community elements of the LECP
  • Monitor implementation of the LECP
  • Coordinate, manage and oversee the implementation of local & community development programmes, for example: SICAP and the Rural Development Programme
  • Improve coordination and reduce duplication of efforts
  • Consider a draft of the economic elements of the LECP Plan and adopt a statement in this regard
  • Prepare an annual report

Cork County Council has established three LCDCs, aligned with the local government administrative boundaries of North, South and West Cork. Each LCDC can have between seventeen and nineteen members. There must be a mix of both public sector and private sector representatives, with the majority of the members coming from the private sector.


See 'Document Summary' below for membership details.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Local Community Development Committees

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