Change of Personal Details, Surname or Address

VRC/VLC (Post 1993 Registered Vehicles)

Please tick the relevant section (Change of Surname/Change of Address) on your Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) and send it to the Vehicle Registration Unit, Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shannon Town Centre, Shannon, Co. Clare V14P298 with the correct details.  A new VRC with your updated details will be posted back to you.

Vehicle Registration (Log) Book Holders  (Pre 1993 Registered Vehicles)

If you hold a Vehicle Registration (Log) Book for your vehicle, record the updated details on the Registration (Log) Book and send it to your local Motor Tax Office together with RF111 (pdf).  Your details will then be updated on the computer records and the Registration (Log) Book endorsed and returned to you.

You can change your address online but only as part of an online motor tax transaction.  You cannot change your address by phone or email.