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Group Water Supply Schemes

Group Water Schemes

Please use the the following link for advice from the National Federation for Group Water Schemes.

A Group Water Supply Scheme is defined as:

Cases where a group of two or more householders have come together, using a shared water distribution system and/or water treatment system, supplied from a common source, to provide themselves with a water supply where no such supply (or a seriously deficient supply) already exists.

A grant of 85% of the approved cost subject to a limit of €6,475.66 per domestic connection, whichever is the lesser, is available for all eligible works. Group schemes must contribute a minimum of 15% of the cost towards any approved works. Grants apply to:

  • New schemes
  • Extensions to new or existing schemes
  • Upgrade/refurbishment work
  • Renewal of existing plant
  • Connections to a public supply.

Works, which are deemed eligible, include planning and design costs, construction, and the replacement of mechanical plant, reservoirs, or distribution networks. 

If you want information on setting up a new Group Water Supply Scheme, please click the following link for a guide on how to do so: Group Water Supply Scheme (pdf).