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Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme

The objective of the grant scheme is to assist householders with the cost of the replacement of lead pipes and fittings, located within the internal distribution system of a house.

An individual may apply to their local authority for assistance under the revised Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme.

In advance of applying for a grant the applicant must have received one of the following:

(a) a notification from a water supplier advising that there is likely to be lead pipes and related fittings within the internal distribution system of the house, or

(b) hold a certificate dated within the six months immediately prior to the date of application by a laboratory accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board confirming a parametric value for lead in the drinking water supply to the house concerned, which exceeds the statutory limit, of 10μg/l, or

(c) a notification from a registered building professional advising that there are lead pipes and related fittings located within the internal distribution system of the house concerned.

The new eligibility conditions in the revised grant include:

  • Removal of the means test requirement
  • Introduction of a uniform grant rate of 100% of the eligible costs of the replacement of any such lead pipes and/or related fittings, or €5,000, whichever is the lower
  • An additional eligible cost can be claimed to a maximum of €200 for the provision of a certificate from a laboratory or notification from a registered building professional, as outlined at (b) and (c) above. This cost is to be included in the calculation of the maximum eligible cost total of €5,000. Note, any indirect costs incurred by the applicant themselves are not eligible costs
  • The house concerned must be occupied by the applicant as their normal place of residence
  • Minimum expenditure on eligible works in order to qualify for a grant is €750
  • For the purposes of this scheme, in relation to the replacement of lead pipes or related fittings, the approved cost means the cost estimated by the local authority to be the reasonable cost of carrying out the replacement works or the actual cost of carrying out the works, whichever is the lesser
  • Each claim for a grant must be accompanied by an original receipt for the total amount paid from each contractor engaged for the purpose of the remediation works. The receipt provided must include an itemised list of the works carried out and the associated costs for each item
  • Each claim must also include certification from the contractor engaged to carry out the works that any materials used, including pipes and fittings, are of appropriate quality and that a proper standard of workmanship has been applied in the course of the works
  • In order for eligible receipts to be reimbursed to the applicant by the local authority, the tax clearance status of the contractor must be up to date

Applications for the grant should be made to Cork County Council; by reviewing the Terms and Conditions (pdf) Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme.

Click the following link if you wish to complete the Claim Form (1a) you should then print it out and post itClaim Form (1a)  Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme (pdf).

Once you have completed your application form, please send it, along with the relevant supporting documentation to:

Rural Water – Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme

Water Services - Finance & Administration,

Floor 10,

Cork County Council,

County Hall,


Eircode:T12 R2NC.

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