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Individual Domestic Well Grants

Cork County Council administers the Individual Domestic Well Grants

The objective of the grant scheme is to assist households in rural areas that are dependent on a private water supply (individual well) for their household use, by financially assisting them where they incur capital expenditure, to carry out improvements to the supply to ensure that the water supply is wholesome and clean, or that the quantity supplied is insufficient to meet the domestic needs of the household.

You are eligible to apply for grant assistance if:

  • Your house is over 7 years old
  • You have not received grant assistance for Domestic Water Supply within the last 7 years
  • You are not connected to a public water supply or cannot be reasonably served by a public or group water supply scheme source.
  • The house is occupied as your normal place of residence.

Grant funding:

(a) 85% of the approved costs for well rehabilitation works, subject to a maximum grant of €3,000;


 85% of the approved costs for the provision of a new well, subject to a maximum grant of €5,000.

(b) 100% of the approved costs for works that, in the opinion of the housing authority, are necessary to treat the water to meet the water quality standards specified in Regulation 4(2) of the Drinking Water Regulations, subject to a maximum grant of €1,000.

 A grant under these Regulations shall not be paid where the total cost is less than €750.  

Applications for the grant should be made to Cork County Council; by reviewing the Terms and Conditions (pdf) for

grants for the improvement of a private water supply to a house and then proceed with one of the following two options:

Click the following link, should you wish to make an online application: Domestic Well Grants Online Application.

Click the following link if you wish to complete the Application Form (PWS 1a) you should then print it out and post itApplication Form (PWS 1a) (pdf)

Click the following link to complete the Laboratory Verification Form (which needs to accompany a Certificate of Water Analysis), you should then print it out and post it: Laboratory Verification Form (pdf).

Click the following link if you wish to complete the Payment Claim Form (PWS1b), you should then print it out and post it: Payment Claim Form (PWS1b) (pdf)

Once you have completed your application form, please send it, along with the relevant supporting documentation to:

Rural Water - Private Water Supplies,

Water Services - Finance & Administration,

Floor 10,

Cork County Council,

County Hall,


Eircode: T12 R2NC.


Email: wellgrants@corkcoco.ie

Tel: (021) 4285055(East), (028) 40703 and (023) 8836961(West) , (021) 4285294(North), (021) 4285146 South)

Note: Works carried out prior to an inspection and approval by Cork County Council will not qualify for this grant.

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