Fire and Building Control

Fire Service Charges

In accordance with the provisions of Section 35(3) of the Fire Services Acts, 1981 and 2003, the Local Government (Financial Provisions) (No. 2) Act, 1983 and the Local Government (Financial Provisions) Act, 2000, the following charges will be levied by Cork County Council:


1. Operational:

Incident Type

Charge Type


Domestic Chimney Fire

Flat Charge


Road Based Incidents

Per Hour Per Fire Brigade


Automatic Fire/CO Alarm With No Fire

Per Hour


All Other Fires/Incidents(4)

Per Hour Per Fire Brigade



  1. Minimum callout charge is one hour. Maximum charge for road-based incidents or domestic fires is €1,500
  2. Cost apportioned equally to each party involved.
  3. Applies to 2nd or subsequent alarm activation in a 12 month period
  4. Includes domestic incidents in private, rented or owner-occupied dwellings

(Callouts to other Fire Authority areas and Semi State companies are charged at actual cost plus 30% administration costs)

No Charges shall apply for the following:

  • Fire brigade attendance where no service is provided (except in the case of a response to a 2nd or subsequent false alarm activation of an automatic fire alarm/carbon monoxide alarm in any 12 month period).
  • Incidents where the beneficiary of the service cannot be determined or where it is established that a fire has occurred on commonage.
  • Incidents involving self harm or attempted suicide.
  • Incidents where a fatality has occurred.
  • If the call is cancelled en-route.
  • A malicious false alarm, unless the caller can be identified and then billed.
  • A false alarm with good intent.
  • Fallen trees on public roads.
  • In the case of arson, unless the perpetrator can be identified and then billed or commercial sites where insurance is likely to cover the invoice.
  • Where the vehicle is stolen.
  • Personal rescue that is not on commercial property and is not in connection with a road traffic collision.
  • Where assistance is provided to Gardaí or Ambulance Service.


Charges may be waived in any particular case where the Fire Authority is satisfied that such waiving is warranted. Waiver applications will be dealt with on an individual basis taking personal circumstances and amount of charges into account.

Download Fire Charges Waiver Form (pdf)


2. Licensing

First inspection


Each follow up inspection


Issue of letter without inspection


Attendance at District Court (within Co. Cork)


Attendance at Circuit Court (within Co. Cork)


Attendance at Court outside of Co. Cork



3. Dangerous Substances Licensing

a. Administration Fees:

Processing New/Renewal Bulk Storage Licence


Processing New Petroleum Retail Licence


Renewal/Amendment/Transfer of Petroleum Retail Licence


Witnessing Pressure Testing per visit



b. Statutory Fees:

Storage Capacity (Litres)

Fee per year (max 3 years)

Less than 500


501 – 2,500


2,501 - 5,000


5,001 – 25,000


25,001 – 50,000


50,001 – 100,00


100,001 – 250,000


Greater than 250,000



Licence Type


Amended licence (storage capacity not exceeding 25,000 litres)


Amended licence (storage capacity exceeding 25,000 litres)

50% of statutory fee paid at grant of licence

Transfer or Replacement of Licence



4. Fire Safety Certificates/Disability Access Certificates

The schedule of fees for Fire Safety Certificates/Disability Access Certificates etc. is set out in the Fifth Schedule of the Building Control Regulations 2009. Download: Schedule of Fees for Fire Safety Certificates (pdf).

The fee for a copy of a certificate is €12.50 per copy.


5. Fire Prevention

Inspection at the request of the owner of the property (including report/letter)