Mallow Castle

Mallow Castle, now in the possession of Cork County Council, dates back to 1185 when John, King of England, ordered the construction of the first castle in Mallow.

In 1282, it became the possession of the Earls of Desmond. Following the Geraldine Wars the estate was confiscated by Queen Elizabeth and granted to Sir Thomas Norrey along with the Lordship of Mallow and six thousand acres of surrounding country. The Desmond Castle was in such bad repair that in 1585 a new castle was constructed on the same site.

In 1607, Elizabeth Norrey, daughter of Sir Thomas and God-daughter of Queen Elizabeth married Sir John Jephson. Their direct descendants lived at mallow castle until it was purchased by the McGinn family of Washington D.C. in the 1980s.

The old ruined castle has been a national monument since 1928. The new castle building is not open to the public at present but one may visit the ruined castle and grounds where you can view the unique white fallow deer established here since 1600. They are descendants of white deer which were given to Elizabeth Norrey by her God-mother Queen Elizabeth.